My mistake? Ask anyone. They’ll tell you. And it saves me the trouble of having to keep track of them all. What a moment of amazing clarity outside this morning! A crisp moon hung over white draped mountains to the southwest, a canvas of dawn pastels to the north by northeast, begging the question of how one could possibly measure up to this place of so concentrated beauty.

Perhaps my special gift is the ability to irritate the powerful. At least the rich seem to like me well enough. But the range of emotions thrown back at me from the powerful is something to behold.

Powers on the Left come at me from the most primitive angle. Since I present them with concepts that tend to completely overturn their world view, they stampede easily into an angry mob calling out in unison for my head on a pike. But if you can show them how boring and predictable they’ve become, they seem to go back to ground without too much fuss. God forbid that a sect who live to express emotion look unimaginative, especially to their critics. That’s one dialectic conflict they won’t abide.

On the Right people don’t stampede so easily. In contrast to the monolithic problem-set motivating the Left, the Right seem to concede agreement only after discovering they have no alternative and must finally stop disagreeing. Often they never get to that point.

Also, the problem set for the Right must always include resources to mitigate damages and put out fires started by the Left. The Left, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about the unintended consequences they generate or the upside-down cost/benefit propositions dribbling off their keyboards as they design unattainable social constructs. They don’t look back while marching forward.

While the Right at least give lip service to distrusting the susceptibility of human nature to the corrupting influence of power, the Left embrace and bathe themselves in power. Ostensibly the Right try to keep power corralled by systems and institutions, checks and balances.

But in the long run power always wins. Republican, Democrat, Unaffiliated, or Libertarian, no matter the orientation or innocence a man brings to the party, power consumes him and hollows out his humanity. His limited license turns into a craving. The hands that once made friends grow sharp claws. He develops a taste for the flesh of annoying unfortunates who presumed more than their station allowed. When he reaches his inevitable recession, the ring falls from his bony finger to be picked up by another innocent, and the cycle repeats.

Our institutions are no match for power. As for the men who hide inside them, you have to show them the door and kick them in the ass through it before they get completely consumed.

Yeah I made a lot of mistakes. I don’t think standing up to power was one of them.

Greenfield: The Paranoid Party

There’s really no hyperbole in the following. Brainwashed zealots may run screaming from Greenfield’s writing, but objectively, his diagnosis illuminates the problem and makes cure possible. The Left should be grateful.

Excerpts from: The Paranoid Party.

[T]he left have to work hard to unpack the subtext of the overlay of the puzzle box of a random remark

The Democratic Party now runs on racial paranoia, on class paranoia, on gender paranoia; on an endless McCarthyism in which the Republican Party is savaged as a phantom Nazi cult dedicated to serving Southern racists, the Koch Brothers and Israel.

[Progressives] run on the imaginary record of their political opponents derived from reading their minds, unpacking their subtext and then reading a few tea leaves.

Everything is a conspiracy. Everyone is a conspirator. If a Republican supports X, it must be racist. If he says Y, it must be racist.

Progressive racial paranoia makes perfect sense if you assume that your opponents are part of a conspiracy whose defining feature is a paranoid projection of your own racism.

To the conspiracy theorist, law is only a tool of the conspiracy. There is no such thing as compromise, only the supreme entitlement of grievance.

The great tragedies of the last two centuries were brought about by men and women like these, obsessed, maniacal, filled with churning hatreds and fears, commanding crowds, spreading lies, manufacturing ridiculous philosophies out of thin air and spreading them like an infection on the wind.

The Prairie Slimes slip sliding away

According to the April Prairie Slimes, Bill Carr [if that's his real name] – a self-described Elbert County Citizen – who is not a registered Republican voter in Elbert County, decided to attend the Elbert County Republican General Assembly, and write a public complaint for the Leftist Prairie Slimes about it. He even got his picture printed in the Leftist fishwrap twice, once in his article and again on the front page tease.

Mr. Carr would like to have received a copy of the Republican Platform Resolutions before he went to the assembly.

Why should Republicans distribute a copy of Republican Platform Resolutions not passed yet by the Republican Assembly, to non-Republicans? That is, to people who are not elected delegates to the Republican Assembly and who have no say on what goes on there?

While you ponder that question, consider that Mr. Carr attempted to make a case in his complaint that the Platform Resolution votes taken at the Assembly actually indicate the opposite of their outcomes.

Let’s uncloak this tomfoolery. The votes Mr. Carr objected to, the ones that generated the most debate among the delegates, all concerned county planning. Listen here, here, and here.

Two of them sought ratification of Platform Resolutions carried forward from past Republican Assemblies to affirm a preservationist, anti-growth planning direction for Elbert County. After substantial discussion, both of these votes failed to garner the necessary majority to remain in the Republican Platform.

The third planning Resolution, passed with a substantial majority, expressed condemnation of Leftist ballot initiatives currently under circulation statewide for signature collection that would extend local public planning powers over all commercial private contracts in a local jurisdiction. These ballot initiatives are designed to shut down fracking, but to say they overreach to squash private sector rights is a giant understatement.

Republican delegates fully understood and voted their individual consciences on all of these matters. There was no intimidation or suppression of votes. Republicans don’t operate that way, a fact Mr. Carr apparently failed to glom on to during his limited exposure to the other side.

Still, let’s not lose sight of what really happened that day. The planning ethic in Elbert County went down in flames. Republican delegates, representing the large majority of Elbert County Citizens, told the world that they’re weary of the country-in-county myth that has only translated into no-jobs, no-business, and no-growth.

The message was unmistakable. Mr. Carr’s dissembling about it and his weak attempt to subvert the expressed will of Elbert County Citizens is insulting.

Pause for a breath.

On the very next page of the Leftist Prairie Slimes, dinosaur former planner Paul Crisan trots out the tired Leftist shibboleths of the master plan, clustered housing, open space, and ranching, all to make Elbert County an “attractive destination.”

One has to wonder, “For whom?” because that only leaves independently wealthy people who don’t need jobs, and I don’t know anyone like that.

Pause for a second breath.

Two more pages into the fishwrap, Susan Bishop lashes out at all things conservative, and in favor of all things Leftist, in a desperate search for someone to represent her in government. She wants to ban the terms conservative and liberal, claiming that no one really knows what they mean. All she managed to prove is that she doesn’t know what they mean.

Pause for a third breath.

Liberally sprinkled among the above fundamentalist Leftist hit pieces to pad out the rest of the viewpoint section, we find multiple other hit pieces authored by Elbert County Democrat Party Officials Jill Duvall and Susan Shick, and New-Plains pinch hitter Mike Phillips.

To make a long story short, if you’re not into their agenda, you’re covered up in mud.


2014 ECRW Essay Contest

Legacy Academy student Reilly Blakeslee and her brother Logan Blakeslee, an Elizabeth High School student, need to plant a flag pole in their yard.

Thursday night, April 10th the Elbert County Republican Women awarded Reilly Blakeslee first place in their annual Patriotic Essay Middle School contest for her essay “The Freedom to Succeed”. Her brother Logan Blakeslee placed first in the High School Contest with his essay “The American Dream: Opportunity, Freedom, Optimism”.

Both received a United States flag from the Elbert Count Sheriff’s office and a Colorado state flag (that has flown over the Capitol in Denver) from State Representative Tim Dore. Representative Dore also presented certificates from the Capitol to the First, Second and Third place winners of both contests and letters of commendation to the remaining top ten essayists in both contests.

The High School First Place essayist also received the $1,000 Mary Rathbun Memorial Scholarship, donated in Mary’s memory by her husband Larry Durner and her sister Karen Marant.

Other winners of the Middle School Contest were: second place, McKenzie Smith (Big Sandy Middle School, Simla) and third place Peyton Baldwin (Legacy Academy). In the High School Contest, second place went to Ashley Baller (Ponderosa High School, Parker) and third place to Caleb Dotten (home school, Elizabeth).

For both Middle and High School Contests, the Elbert County Republican Women awarded $100 for First place, $50 for Second Place and $25 for Third Place.

The remaining Top 10 High School essayists were:  Kimberly Peterson (Elizabeth High School), Connor Wills and Ryan Wills (Kiowa High School), Colten Trent and Menzi Spiller (Elbert High School), Hailey Edwards (Simla High School) and Julianna Dotten (home school).

The remaining Top Ten 10 Middle School essayists were: Delaney Kretsinger, Megan Frahm and Erin Shiely (Legacy), Sedona Levy, Allison Schieffer  and Juan Gomez (Elbert Middle School), and Morris Richardson (Big Sandy Middle School).

The Elbert County Republican Women thanked the 21 Middle School students and 25 High School students who entered the contest by presenting each student with a “Your Are the American Dream” pin.

This non-political, nonpartisan essay contest is designed to encourage students to think and write about the privileges and responsibilities of American Citizenship. It is divided into two divisions: one for Middle School Students (6th through 8th grades) and another for High School students (9th through 12th grades). The 2014 essay contest’s topic was “The American Dream and How It Relates to You.”

The Republican Women will announce the topic for their 2015 Patriotic Essay contest in the fall of 2014.

Karen Shipper