to zone or not to zone


(partial list  –  all passed at Assembly 5/24/2012)

12. Be it resolved, the Elbert County Republican Party support and encourage responsible growth, respecting the rights of all county residents consistent with the goal of preserving the unique rural and natural character of Elbert County.

15. Be it resolved, the Elbert County Republican Party requests that the elected Board of County Commissioners implement the noxious weed control plan as directed by State Law.

16. Be it resolved, the Elbert County Republican Party request that the elected Board of County Commissioners adopt, implement and enforce a 300 year water supply plan based on actual water usage.

17. Be it resolved, the Elbert County Republican Party request that the elected Board of County Commissioners adopt responsible planning and development measures to ensure that growth pay its own way and ensure that new infrastructure demanded by new development is not subsidized by the taxpayer without a vote of said taxpayer.

– OR –

21. Be it resolved, the Elbert County Republican Party object to the expansion of Elbert County zoning laws.


Which will it be?  You can’t have it both ways.

This schizophrenic disconnect in the Republican Party Platform, approved yesterday at the 2012 County Assembly, is another symptom of our Elbert County uni-party implementation of the Republican Party.

Now, you could say the Resolutions Committee for the assembly failed in their mission to provide an internally consistent set of resolutions for the platform, however, it’s not really their responsibility to resolve this political question.

And, you could say that the Executive Committee of the Party is responsible because they suspended debate on the resolutions by assembly delegates, and thereby precluded the assembled body of Republicans from reaching a compromise.  But after tolerating season after electoral season of mixed-use Republicanism, it would have been highly contentious, perhaps even violent, for a bunch of lefties and conservatives to work their substantive differences out in the space of a few minutes of polite assembly “dialoging.”

Besides, these issues cannot be legitimately resolved by a set of self-selected delegates numbering less than 1 hundredth of 1 percent of the population.  Without a causal connection between voters and voting objects, be it candidate or issue, consent of the voters is cut off.

Enfranchised voters are the only interest group who can legitimately resolve this political question.

The Founders labored and argued for years to conceive constitutional methods to enfranchise voters and permit them to be governed legitimately.  Sadly, our caucus assembly system which disenfranchises voters at large does not meet that standard.  And muddying the preliminary waters by empowering a single party to clear both left and conservative candidates is a giant step further away from voter enfranchisement.

The way to fix this conundrum is to return Elbert County to a two-party system.  Would the Democrat Party tolerate a bunch of conservatives diluting their precious social and entitlement agendas?  Absolutely not!  Why then do conservatives around here allow the left to tromp all over their Republican Party?

The way to fix this problem is to nip it in the bud.  Make the change here:



Section 4. Endorsements. The ECR acting as an entity, or the ECR elected officers shall not publicly support or endorse any Republican candidate that is involved in a primary who could represent Elbert County residents in a partisan race.

Change it to read something like the following:

ECR elected officers shall substantively analyze all Republican candidates with respect to information publicly available in local history as it relates to each candidates alignment with the Republican Oath and the Elbert County Republican Party Platform.  Officers shall report their findings to Precinct Committeepeople in a timely manner as the findings become known.

As things currently stand, ECR elected officers must withhold a relevant body of knowledge from the rest of the caucus and assembly process.  While done in the interest of fairness, the left games that good intention and turns it against the Republican Party from the inside.

Playing fair only works in an ethical environment.  The left have never played fair and Republicans should stop fooling themselves about it.

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