Message to New-Plains leftists, and all leftists for that matter: You are way over-thinking the problem in your Lincoln Day Dinner Opinion.

It’s your politics that depend on conspiracy, elaborate design, subterfuge, underground networking, militancy, belief structures without supporting cause and effect, collective force, and activist imposition.  You, evidently, think your politics are worth breaking a few eggs to make your utopian omelet.

Of course all that misspent energy begs questions about what on earth led you to such methods because they’ve never led to anything but poverty, misery and death.  But then you dissemble about the poverty, misery and death that come from your totalitarian methods by saying, “Oh that’s the natural condition of things before we arrived and we just haven’t done enough yet.  Give us more time and we’ll get it right.”

The problem here is that after you first claim that the natural state of things is horribly wrong in some way, your solutions invariably attempt to return us to conditions that you leftists always use to justify more intervention!  If things were so bad, why in the name of progress do you always try to return us to conditions when things were worse?  Apparently progression is really regression in the leftist skew.

And though you don’t know where your regression/progression is really going, you believe that whenever and wherever you arrive, the end will justify the means.  Your terrible tenacity that spawned so much poverty, misery and death will be forgiven by the few who survive to cross the threshold to walk hand in hand through the gates of utopia.  The awe of the perfectly sustainable, fair and clean human society will wipe their memories clean of all the horror spawned from your mythology.

Now pay attention.  You really should learn to stop projecting this sort of thing on to conservatives.  We’re not like you.  We don’t use these techniques, these conspiracies, these impositions, or these forces.  Look around you at one of these Elbert County Republican gatherings.  The conservatives are the ones in the room not doing any of that stuff.  You look really stupid when you paint us with those brushes.

Truth is, the only time we even think about such devices is when we’re forced to describe you.  Think about this if you dare.  Liberty is like a ship without a captain.  It’s a massive rudderless force that takes no direction whatsoever to find the correct path.  And only when you attempt to steer the ship does it go off course and crash into something.

You leftists have crashed the ship so many times in history that you’ve lost sight of how the whole thing operates.

I can’t imagine how to fix your conceptual framework.   You are so broken.

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