Precinct 13 passed zoning resolution

Precinct 13 Caucus, February 7, 2012

A Resolution to Limit the Expansion of Zoning Laws

Whereas Republicans stand for limited government and the protection of private property rights, and
Whereas property owners are far more motivated to protect and improve their own property than third party government bureaucrats, and
Whereas county zoning regulations are written and enforced by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, and
Whereas government bureaucrats have the legal tools of sovereign immunity from prosecution coupled with deep pocket taxpayer dollars to ward off citizen challenges, and
Whereas zoning regulations have not delivered on their promised outcomes of improved environmental quality, increased property values, additional jobs, or a higher standard of living, and
Whereas county zoning has become a preferred tool for activists to manipulate regulatory law to impose environmental populism on citizens through measures that would never succeed at the ballot box;
Therefore be it resolved that Elbert County Republicans object to the expansion of Elbert County zoning laws.

Resolution Passed 23 Yes, 2 No, 1 Abstain

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