here we go…

The declared Republican challenger to the Elbert County commissioner district 3 seat, Mr. Larry Ross, briefly introduced himself at a Republican Central Committee meeting last night. He told the members that the poor condition of the local economy had motivated him to run for commissioner. And he told the members that he was a strong proponent of regulation.
It was during a period of brief introductions of various candidates and the purpose of the meeting was not to vet candidates, so no one questioned him on the juxtaposition of those two statements.

No one remarked about how regulations suppress economic activity.

No one mentioned how county zoning is an authoritarian process for imposing government takings in a heavily tilted playing field where the government holds practically unlimited power and the citizen is treated as a serf.

No one informed him that a pro-regulation position is an inherently unconservative and unRepublican stance.

And no one asked him why in the world he’s running as a Republican.

Even though there wasn’t time for it last night, these things needed to be mentioned.


By the way, all Republican caucus attendees should pre-register for the 2/7/2012 caucus at  This is quick process that simply verifies your Republican party voter registration, a requirement to vote in the caucus.  Pre-registration is not mandatory but it will help those running your caucus speed things along that night if you are pre-registered.


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