ACLU Key Issues

From the ACLU 50-State Survey for January of 2012:

  • Access to abortion and birth control. [Must keep killing babies.]
  • Equal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered. [Must treat those who display sexual preference the same as those who do not.]
  • Protection against racial profiling and discrimination by law enforcement. [Must not profile those most likely to commit terrorism.]
  • Equal access for eligible residents to vote. [As opposed to citizens.]
  • Non-preferential treatment of any one religion by the government. [Except Islam.]
  • Preventing the teaching of creationism and intelligent design from interfering with the teaching of evolution in public school science classes. [When government sanctions a theory it must be protected.  See global warming.]

Let’s see: infant death and dismemberment, sexual obsession, terrorism, illegal aliens, Sharia, spurious government science.  That’s an impressive series of harmful policies to rack up by one organization in one fund-raising mailer.  How did I get on this nutjob mailing list?  Yeah I’m going to send them a check, where’s my pen?

Thank you American law schools.

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