Capitol Punishment

In the context of this election season with Republicans engaged in presidential policy debates each week, “Capitol Punishment” should be read right now by every American interested in curing the abuses in Washington.

Jack Abramoff’s prescription for real reform in Washington:

  • Entirely eliminate any contribution by those lobbying the government, participating in a federal contract, or otherwise financially benefiting from public funds. If you get money or perks from elected officials—be “you” a company, a union, an association, a law firm, or an individual–you shouldn’t be permitted to give them so much as one dollar
  • If you are going to lobby the federal government, take from the treasury, or work as a contractor, you shouldn’t be permitted to give one penny to any elected official or staff, including the executive branch.
  • If you choose to serve in Congress or on a congressional staff, you should be barred for life from working for any company, organization, or association which lobbies the federal government.
  • Representatives should be allowed to serve for three terms of two years, senators for two terms of six years. Then they should get out of town.
  • Representatives should be barred from proposing, lobbying for, and perhaps even voting on projects in their own districts and states.
  • Apply every federal law enacted by Congress to Congress itself.
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution and restore the election of senators to the state houses.
  • Permanently stop the special interests and lobbyists who control much of our federal government and budget—and who exacerbate, if not cause, the crises which threaten to bring down this great Republic—by returning the federal government to its constitutionally limited boundaries.

If a recovered alcoholic told you how to quit drinking, you’d listen.

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