This acronym sums up a great deal of what passes for government around here.   A dab of gab grows your government flab.

The Board shall form the Elbert County Oil and Gas Advisory Board (ECOGAB) to provide a forum for the oil and gas industry, the public, impacted landowners, and county government to prevent or minimize conflict associated with oil and gas development through positive and proactive communication and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of oil and gas resources within Elbert County. ECOGAB shall have two (2) representatives from citizens, two (2) representatives from the oil and gas industry, and one (1) county staff member to hear comments and complaints from county residents regarding oil and gas activity. ECOGAB shall investigate citizen complaints and attempt to resolve complaints If a solution cannot be agreed upon, the matter will be forwarded to the Board and/or COGCC or other regulatory authorities. If a solution can be agreed upon, ECOGAB will report their findings and solution to the Board for appropriate action. Membership to the ECOGAB shall be appointed by the Board.

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