Mont Pelerin Society 2010 papers

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Ideas of the Enlightenment: Their Contemporary Relevance

The French Enlightenment & its Implications for Liberty – Professor Alan Charles Kors

Jurisprudential Legacy of the Enlightenment – Professor Suri Ratnapala

Lessons from the Scottish Enlightenment – Professor James R Otteson

Towards a New Enlightenment: Understanding Human Nature

After Freud: What do neuroscience advances tell us about human nature? – Provessor Peter Whybrow

Building Political Structures with the Crooked Timber of Humanity – Professor Denis Dutton

The Modular Account of Open and Closed Societies – Dr Laurence Fiddick

Reconciling The Traditional with the Modern in a Liberal Society

Reconciling Modernity with Tradition in a Liberal Society – Professor Chandran Kukathas

Reconciling the Traditional with the Modern – Dr Lindsey Te Ata o Tu MacDonald

Externalities: Beyond Coase, Williamson and Ostrom

The Problem of Social Cost: What Problem – Professor Harold Demsetz

Coase Rules OK – Professor Jeff Bennett

If Hayek and Coase were Environmentalists – Professor Terry Anderson

GFC: What have we learnt from the 2008-09 event? A Stocktake

Been There Done That – Professor Peter Boettke

After the Fall – Professor Deepak Lal

The Global Financial Crisis and the Efficient Market Hypothesis – Professor Ray Ball

Australia – A Generation of Economic Reform

A Generation of Reform – Professor Wolfgang Kasper

A Generation of Reform – Paul Kelly

New Threats to Liberty and the Private Sphere – Nannies and Busybodies,Tax Harmonisation and the Surveillance State

Surveillance State – John Kampfner

Tax Harmonisation: A Threat to Liberty – Professor Sinclair Davidson

Nannies and Busy Bodies – Dr Eric Crampton

New Developments in Economics: A Sceptical View

The Use of Happiness in Society – Dr Jason Potts

The Economist as Guru – Professor Geoffrey Brennan

Behavioral Economics, Law, and Liberty: The Never-ending Quest for the Third Way – Judge Douglas Ginsburg

Science, Scepticism and the Future 

Constructive Dissent – Professor Steven Schwartz

What Does Climategate Say About Science? – Professor Terence Kealey

Freedom vs Authority – What Path to Development? The Story of India and China

Paths Towards Development – Dr John Lee

The New World Order: Importance of China and India – Surjit S Bhalla

Washington Concensus – Professor Xiannon Xu

History, Culture and the Language of Liberty

The Language of Liberty – Professor James Allan

Individualism and its Contemporary Fate – Professor Kenneth Minogue

Calvin Coolidge and the Language of LIberalism – Amity Shlaes

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