primary questions

It’s fascinating how the national post-primary spin has morphed Buck into an upstart outsider candidate (the one supported by millions of Washington PAC money) and Norton is now the old guard candidate (who petitioned on to the ballot because the old guard caucus system wouldn’t support her.)

And it’s fascinating that Tancredo (defender of closing American borders to illegal immigrants) got into his race by issuing an ultimatum to Maes and McInnis to withdraw, and now Maes has issued orders to Tancredo to withdraw.  Who will blink first in the Tancredo vs. Maes Mexican standoff?   (And does Tom even do Mexican standoffs?)

If the Republican Party leadership concludes that Maes can’t beat Hickenlooper, could they get Maes to stand down (unlikely), and would they dine on some chewy crow and nominate Norton (unlikely) ?

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