Great article, great analysis, right on the money.To make a long story short, whether the context is local, statewide or national, regarding left/right issues and races, the left’s polemics have become surreal.  They’ve lost track of their own hyperbole.  They no longer distinguish between a hyperbolic rant and a reasonable argument incorporating factual cause and effect.  They’ve been consumed by cult philosophies based in Marxism.  I don’t think this is a close call.  They’ve pretty much gone over the edge.

This is a deep problem manifesting itself in hundreds of ways.  It developed over generations and spans many intertwined disciplines.  From my observations of other cults, I don’t believe you can deprogram this degree of sophisticated brainwashing at the fully developed end of the spectrum.  True indoctrinated believers have sophisticated defenses and devices to ward off challenges that could destabilize the world views they serve.  For example, the fact that socialism has never worked is no reason to question its’ validity.  They say it hasn’t been done right yet, many are versed in what went wrong in each case, and all are sure that next time they’ll get it right.  Apparently, Robert Owens’ “united social” experiment of 1825 has proven a little more difficult to implement than originally thought.

Collectively, leftist true believers account for an incredible quantity of raw brain power and IQ.  So long as they remain devoted to their cult, however, their ability to advance real human capacity and efficacy–the human condition–is handicapped. Meanwhile, the need for the balance of humanity to figure out our collective survival, prosperity and advancement, goes on.

Does this indicate a strategy?  Maybe so.  Maybe you have to engage the cult at a more fundamental level.  In other words, don’t argue the broad thesis.  Don’t argue conclusions that threaten them and raise their defenses.  Argue the precepts and basics.  Stay on the facts and perhaps let the conclusions take care of themselves.  Let them find their own conclusions.  You may as well since they won’t allow themselves to comprehend or accept any conclusions that originate outside of the cult anyway.

Morning November 8, 2008

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