Elbert County needs JOBS

Open Letter to the BOCC,

Here are the web links for advertising in the WSJ.  Please, take out an ad.  Invite businesses to set up shop in commissioner district 3 in Elbert County, Colorado.  Tell them we don’t need their tax revenue.  Tell them we won’t impose onerous regulations on them.  Tell them we have a labor force in the western portion of the county that is ready to work for them.  Tell them Elbert County wants to work hard for them.

We have land and water in the central portion of the county.  We can support industry here.

Please commissioners, a new retail outlet here and there won’t fix our local economy.  Americans know how to produce things.  Take the shackles off of us and let us have a chance to compete in the global economy.

Lead, or get out of the way.

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