A Tale of Two Cities

Castle Rock

Elbert County needs 2 planning commissions.  One for districts 1 and 2, and another for district 3.

Land owners in districts 1 and 2, who have all the economic options they need in nearby Douglas and Arapahoe counties, can keep the current socialist planning commission and socialist master plan.  They can regulate themselves until the cows come home and sleep soundly each night in the knowledge that no one’s freedom in districts 1 and 2 will interfere with their anointed collective will.

The Garden of Elbert County

Land owners in district 3, who need economic growth and real jobs in capitalized businesses to support families, provide benefits, make for career paths, and bring about the educational and cultural opportunities that attend to a modern economy, would have a new planning commission.  This new commission would have the needs of district 3 as their primary focus and be dedicated to entrepreneurship, business-friendly tax incentives, relaxation and removal of regulations suited to a command economy, and fast track commercial and industrial development.

Districts 1 and 2 would go down their socialist road devoted to preserving their upscale bedroom ranchette lifestyle.  District 3 would pursue capitalism and free enterprise and become a center for careers, jobs, manufacturing, the benefits of economic activity, and the accumulation of real wealth.

The Golden Age

District 3 would no longer be a playground for the district 1 and 2 eco-socialists.  It’s time for district 3 residents to quit subjecting themselves to the dead end policies and oppressive regulations that district 1 and 2 residents have to offer.  Those policies, attitudes and regulations simply don’t work in district 3.

Out here in district 3, we need a real economy.  Most of us cannot afford Utopia.

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