Keep Heap AND Keep Term Limits

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Sheriff Heap is good for Elbert County and should be retained.

Also, term limits are a necessity in today’s electoral politics.

Therefore voters should support a measure that would temporarily waive the imposition of a term limit requirement for the office of sheriff, with the proviso that the measure would sunset shortly after the election and thereby reinstate the term limit requirement for the office of sheriff for future elections.

It’s entrenched politicians calling for the elimination of term limits. The people, however, are more protected from political overreach if they use waivers as required, and leave the hard-won default term limit in place.


wildlife weekend

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Saturday evening, these two young antelope and a couple others left the herd to chase this hare up the hill toward our house. The hare grazed near the house while the antelope watched him from the fence. They wouldn’t come into the yard. After a couple minutes the antelope lost interest and ran back to rejoin the herd.

Some of the other visitors on Sunday. . . .

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A most unsavory proposition

Elbert County has a cadre of Leftists who militate for control of the county by saturating county government affairs. Their coordinated harassments of every decision by non-Leftist elected and appointed officials show up on the internet and local fishwraps with monotonous regularity.

They find every official decision unwise, unfounded, untransparent, unplanned, uneconomic, environmentally unsound, undemocratic, ill-advised, ill-conceived, ill-informed, poorly executed, an abuse of authority, a blatant insult to all good things, and an affront to the health, safety and welfare of the people.

The structure of the Leftist script – the adjectives, adverbs, and accusations – never changes. Only the subjects and objects change as each new decision circumstance generates another turn on the organ grinders’ crank where the monkey dances and the tune replays.

This Leftist cadre of retired schoolteachers and lawyers aligned with The United Front have been running Elbert County for as long as I can remember. Oh they chirp about old guard Republicans a fair amount, but the ECR GOP is no match for the seasoned bureaucratic class of community organizers saturating the Elbert County gestalt with the high crimes and misdemeanors they “uncover” each day.

Complex problems never have simple solutions, never can be solved by only one solution, and the best solution in the fullness of time often won’t be obvious until time passes. Enter politics – the art of sounding authoritative about imponderably complex circumstances.

Years ago, politicians gave lip service to statesmanship, a throwback to antiquity to identify themselves with nobility. Now it’s all pragmatism, politics and legalese. Times change, but the natures of human problems do not. We need statesmen more than politicians now more than ever.

But with rabid United Front local Leftists occupying all of the public administrative head space, who would want to spend their days in public service constantly opposed by pathologically offensive community organizers? There is no reason behind the “mythomania” of their opposition agenda. No sound argument will satisfy the Front. No non-Leftist reasoning can scale the ramparts of the cult mind.

On a playing field of imponderably complex problems, armed with the pseudo power to morph reality into constructs without regard to causation, the United Front politiks on.

Any conservative running for elected office in Elbert County would sign up for a term of pure hell where their every published thought and every exposed bit of personality, history, family and life will be dragged through the mud on a daily basis by the United Front of unelectable Leftists.

funding failure

Consider all of the government programs that subsidize and enable people enduring consequences from broken families. On the one hand a civil society has difficulty looking away from human tragedies. The urge is to do something. Human tragedy, however, is not a problem that government can fix. Broken people don’t mend very easily. But broken families may be prevented. Broken families have many causal influences. If politicians must spend money, a more sane set of spending targets would be to fund those behaviors in society that don’t cause broken families. The focus must shift to prevention because government remedies just make matters worse.

If we must attempt to practice social engineering, at least subsidize what we would like to see more of, not what we want to see less of.

Background: The True Story—and Tragedy—of Race in America by Stephen M. Krason

Elbert County morning

Went looking for a picture of Pikes Peak this morning but the fog did not lift. Settled for a curious horse and donkey, a country lane, and a hare.

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Marxist mobs throughout the U.S., not only in Baltimore, may suspend rioting long enough to scare up another ideological grievance, only upon hearing convictions of the Baltimore police.

Normally, a judge must make a conclusion of the existence of probable cause before an arrest can occur, however in Baltimore, they let a prosecutor make the call. A prosecutor is not a disinterested party in the enforcement of criminal law. That’s one problem.

The second problem is proving beyond a reasonable doubt all of the charges, to get convictions to mollify the Marxist mobs, which seems unlikely to occur on the facts of the case currently revealed.

I expect Baltimore may have bought itself, and the country, a little breathing room, but that the Marxist mobs will barely break stride in their long march to impose American communism.

the infection has permeated

Of course this is true. Affirmative action, quotas, special rights, and the condescension of lowered expectations, all enable rather than mitigate racism.

But American law is full of institutionalized preferences. (I was going to say “this shit.”)

Race, even broadly construed throughout education, hiring, contracting, etc., is only one class of preferences. Federal, state and local laws are full of preferences for products, activities, industries, healthcare, imports, exports, where you live, what you can do where you live, and almost any human action you can think of.

The progressive infection is not limited to race. I don’t expect you can cure one class of the progressive infection – racism – while leaving intact all the rest of the institutionalized preferences in American law.

You know, all that other shit.

The essence of the problem is that progressives don’t trust freedom. It really doesn’t matter how progressives came to control our free country through law. The laws exist, their apparatchik protectors are ensconced, and we are governed by them until those laws are removed.

So, federal, state, and local progressive regulatory law must be dismantled. And progressives will fight it every step of the way with every legal, political, and subversive means they can employ.

They are true believers, they are dead wrong, and they run the bureaucracy today. Progressives are the Leviathan.