the infection has permeated

Of course this is true. Affirmative action, quotas, special rights, and the condescension of lowered expectations, all enable rather than mitigate racism.

But American law is full of institutionalized preferences. (I was going to say “this shit.”)

Race, even broadly construed throughout education, hiring, contracting, etc., is only one class of preferences. Federal, state and local laws are full of preferences for products, activities, industries, healthcare, imports, exports, where you live, what you can do where you live, and almost any human action you can think of.

The progressive infection is not limited to race. I don’t expect you can cure one class of the progressive infection – racism – while leaving intact all the rest of the institutionalized preferences in American law.

You know, all that other shit.

The essence of the problem is that progressives don’t trust freedom. It really doesn’t matter how progressives came to control our free country through law. The laws exist, their apparatchik protectors are ensconced, and we are governed by them until those laws are removed.

So, federal, state, and local progressive regulatory law must be dismantled. And progressives will fight it every step of the way with every legal, political, and subversive means they can employ.

They are true believers, they are dead wrong, and they run the bureaucracy today. Progressives are the Leviathan.

dystopian distinction without a difference

“Hong Kong’s pursuit of democracy has entered a crucial stage. After almost 18 months of heated debate, the long-awaited reform package for the chief executive election in 2017 was finally unveiled yesterday. The details, unsurprisingly, dovetail with what Beijing had already decided last August. Imperfect as it is, the proposal is still a step forward.

The outlook, though, remains gloomy at this stage, despite efforts by the government to make the contest more competitive. As many as 10 hopefuls will be allowed to come forward for consideration by the future nominating committee under a threshold lower than the existing one for the chief executive race. But as mandated by Beijing, only two or three candidates who secure at least 50 per cent support from the committee at the second stage will advance to a popular vote.”

Sounds pretty much like Colorado’s caucus system, but the Chinese call it communism.

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Soldier returned to Denver today

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The arrival of the remains of a 1967 AF Academy graduate, Capt. Chorlins,  who was shot down in 1970 in Laos.  The funeral and burial are scheduled for 10AM today. It took at least 10 years to complete the DNA identification after recovery of his remains in 2003.

Academy grad killed in Vietnam
Capt. Richard David Chorlins / Photos provided by U.S. Air Force Academy
Capt. Richard David Chorlins / Photos provided by U.S. Air Force Academy

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. – An Air Force Academy graduate who went Missing In Action in Vietnam returns to his alma mater April 14 for a funeral service and burial.

Funeral services for Capt. Richard David Chorlins, Air Force Academy Class of 1967, are scheduled for 10 a.m. in the Cadet Chapel, followed by internment at the Air Force Academy cemetery.

Then-First Lieutenant Chorlins, was a pilot and an Air Commando, assigned to the 602nd Special Operations Squadron at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand. On Jan. 11, 1970, his A-1H Skyraider was struck by 37mm anti-aircraft artillery fire and crashed into the side of a mountain during a night interdiction mission over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. No parachute was observed and there were no other indications that he had survived. Two days later, when evidence of his death was received, his status was changed from missing in action to killed in action. On Jan. 14, 1970, he was posthumously promoted to the grade of Captain.

His remains were not returned until 2003, and it took another decade for DNA testing to positively identify the remains.

Chorlins was a native of University City, Mo. He was an exceptional cadet and named to the Superintendent’s List for five semesters. He majored in Economics and followed his Academy career by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Economics at Georgetown University. He was interested in returning to the Academy as a faculty instructor after the war.

Captain Chorlins is honored in several places. His name appears on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C., on Panel 14W, line 25. He is also recognized on the Academy’s War Memorial, located near the flagpole on the Terrazzo in the Cadet Area. In addition, the Reflections Gallery in the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis has a display devoted to Captain Chorlins.

The funeral was preceded by a dignified arrival ceremony on April 13. Chorlins’ remains will return to Colorado aboard Delta Flight 1382, and members of the Air Force Academy will be present to honor this fallen warrior on his return to the Academy.


“the central planner’s fatal conceit”

Stop the Left

No Leftist agenda item fairly depicts objective truth. Each element must be pasteurized through a propaganda filter to expose the kernels of reality at the bottom of their high stakes political movements.

Yet their sad tales read with an eerie similarity – powered vs. non-powered – them vs. us – oppressors around every corner, under every rock. The script always ends the same – more law, more special rights, more redistribution, more government, less freedom. And the Left always end up running the inevitable bureaucracy they install to administer the inequity of the hour.

Government is the only tool for the practicing Leftist. Every problem is political. Every solution is governmental. It matters not to a Leftist whether government is capable of solving a given problem. To the dedicated Leftist, government never has an incapacity.

Leftism is a jobs program for Leftists. Leftists make jobs out of thin air on the Orwellian excuse that regulation protects freedom. The only freedom that regulation protects is the power of bureaucrats to impose capricious law upon the rest of society.

Leftists have used the power of the state to hollow out the thinning carcass of productive America. What they haven’t prevented, they’ve taxed. What they haven’t taxed, they’ve oppressed.

No limits exist to what Leftists will say or do to crush those who stand in their way. They don’t intend to compromise, to get along with any non-Leftists, or to coexist. They intend to rule unscrupulously because they know better.

It’s past time the rest of humanity figured this out and quit accepting the Leftist paradigm, Leftist constructs, Leftist labels, Leftist causes, Leftist solutions, and Leftists.

The Left haven’t solved, improved, created, economized, alleviated, mitigated, simplified, remedied, or cured, anything.

The problems Leftists fantasize about aren’t real, and their prescriptions are just as phony.

Crusades, jihad & Obama’s high horse

Obama summarily condemned the crusades, but the crusades weren’t only a persecution of Obama’s people. The crusades were instigated against many different target populations and places, only some of them Muslim. Moreover, crusading was presented to potential faithful fighters as a means to their spiritual salvation. See Riley-Smith’s description about the motivations for the crusades below.

When asked about jihad, however, Obama left the door wide open for jihad to continue as a religious practice, presumably under appropriate Islamic guidance.

From a purely spiritual point of view, the crusades were not substantially different than Obama’s holy jihad.

So, why won’t Obama summarily condemn jihad?

“It was the belief that crusades were collective acts of penance, repayments through self-punishment of the debts owed to God for sin, which distinguished them from other holy wars. Whereas most Christian holy war demanded the service of God in arms by a devout soldier responding passively to divine command, the crusader was invited to cooperate actively, because everything depended on his decision to undertake the penance of fighting in a campaign in which his obligations, at any rate if completed, would constitute for him an act of condign self-punishment. It is no exaggeration to say that a crusade was for an individual only secondarily about service in arms to God or the benefiting of the church or Christianity; it was primarily about benefiting himself, since he was engaged in an act of self-sanctification.

The power of this conception rested in the long term on the way it answered the concerns of the faithful. The remission of sins was as relevant to survivors as to those facing death, and it was offered to members of a society in which it was almost impossible for a layman of any substance, bound by responsibilities to kindred, clients, and dependants, to avoid serious sin. For hundreds of years Europe remained marked by anxieties about sinfulness and a consequence was the attractiveness to many of crusading, which provided the opportunity to make a fresh start.”

Jonathan Riley-Smith, The Crusades, Christianity and Islam, 2008, p. 33.

“laboratory for a novel social or economic experiment”

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“It is one of the happy incidents of the federal system that a single courageous State may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.”
New State Ice Co. v. Liebmann, 285 US 262 – Supreme Court 1932

You see this quote frequently relied upon these days by the pro-MJ crowd. It’s worth noting, however, that in New State Ice Co., the Court disallowed the state from acting as a “laboratory for a novel social or economic experiment.”

Moreover, Brandeis did not say “democracy,” but “novel social and economic experiments,” which is not at all the same thing as democracy – another example of progressive historicism?

Still, Go Arizona!

Every state should respond to the Obama administrations’ overreach with legislation to limit the effect of federal executive actions unsupported by congressional statute.

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