Paul Ryan’s immigration plan

First, secure the border and enforce the laws we have on the books.

  • Institute an effective visa tracking program.
  • Institute an e-verify system for employers to electronically confirm an individual’s immigration status.
  • Institute a guest worker program for temporary and seasonal workers to perform jobs “not being filled by Americans.”
  • An independent third party must verify that the above border security and enforcement conditions have been successfully implemented.

Next, grant probationary legal status with specified conditions for undocumented immigrants.

  • an admission that they entered the country unlawfully
  • payment of a fine
  • payment of back taxes
  • a criminal background check
  • learn English and civics
  • must stay off any form of public assistance

After all the above have been satisfied, a probationary immigrant may leave probation and receive a non-immigrant work visa.

After another period of time, a holder of a non-immigrant work visa may get in line and apply for a green card.

Exceptions to the above:

  • Illegal immigrants brought here as children and who are now pursuing advanced degrees or serving in the military should have an accelerated path [to be determined] to legal citizenship.
  • Foreign students in STEM fields should be encouraged [to be determined] to remain in the U.S. after they complete their education.

From: The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea, Paul Ryan

vn vets002

Thanks to the Viet Nam veterans who came to the Kiowa fairgrounds on Saturday. Joe DiLeonardo set the room to accommodate hundreds of people to witness what the veterans had to say 50 years after the war began. A handful of people showed up, but hopefully many more will take the time to see the video. It is no trivial matter for these veterans to open themselves to the public about the war they experienced, after years of counter-culture political attacks on their characters and the war. They deserve far better than what they got from some Americans. They spoke with a genuine humility despite the magnitude of their accomplishments both in the war and civilian life since. I hope the vets continue to open up. Americans need the benefit of their wisdom. They bring a deep pool of leadership qualities tempered under the most brutal of conditions. Only fools would pass up the opportunity to learn from them.


Hermann Rorschach died on April 1, 1922, of peritonitis, probably resulting from a ruptured appendix.

That he died on April Fools Day could have been taken as a warning that his inkblot test should not have become the modus operandi for much of today’s internet traffic.

We now possess the technology for every human being to globally publish their instant interpretation of every event they observe. Now we’re awash in ready reductive digestions of millions of essential symbolic regurgitations about every little thing. The internet gave us an endless supply of inkblots and psychiatry gave us the license to interpret them all.

The 1st Am. guaranteed that America would keep writers free to write, but it didn’t guarantee they would learn the skill of self editing. So here’s to the self editors of the internet. May they blaze a finely crafted content-rich trail for posterity to follow.

a response to the Aug red-diaper times

“It’s unclear what “unnecessary economic growth” might look like to someone who’s unemployed. It’s also unclear what “energy overuse” looks like to a family living without electricity. What is clear is this: the Sierra Club’s opposition to economic growth-and therefore, energy consumption, employment, and human development-stands in stark contrast to what the people of the planet need right now.

Economic growth is essential if we are to have enough tax dollars to fund our schools and universities, which have long been incubators of innovation. Economic growth allows governments to have more revenue, which can be used to support research in health care, energy, and other sectors. Economic growth means more employment, which leads to more optimism about the future. That optimism, in turn, en­courages investment in new technologies.

The alternative is pessimism. Believing in degrowth means believ­ing in poverty. Believing in degrowth means rejecting technology. It’s time to move past Ehrlich, the Sierra Club, McKibben, Klein, Green­peace, and the rest of the neo-Malthusians.”

Robert Bryce, Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper, 2014.

water master plan meeting #2

Today, representatives from Elbert County water providers, districts and planning agencies met for the second time to advance development of an Elbert County Water Master Plan.

What I hoped to observe:

  • A room full of engineers discussing mechanics of connecting their water systems into an integrated matrix of water and sewage pipelines spanning Elbert County and joined to various renewable non-groundwater sources from outside of Elbert County.

What I observed:

  • Too much thinking about Elbert County’s special quality of life, not a single word about renewable water sources, and no anticipation of commercial or industrial water usage except out by Limon.

What I hope to observe at future meetings:

  • An unconstrained approach to water infrastructure that does not presume a smart-no-growth perspective, a plan that does not foreclose industrial and commercial growth, and a plan that allows for conservation but does not buy into the green myth of conservation as a basis for growth.