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Landmark Speeches of National Socialism, Edited by Randall L. Bytwerk

  • “National Socialism was the most prolific rhetorical movement of the twentieth century.”
  • “…[R]hetoric moved a civilized nation to support Nazism, and to close its eyes to the crimes that were not difficult to see.”
  • “Everything that Nazism intended was revealed in its rhetoric.”
  • “[Hitler] thought that the average person is uninterested in complex arguments, being ruled more by emotion than intellect.  Nazi rhetoric therefore avoided presenting detailed solutions to complex problems.”
  • “Propaganda also needed to be one-sided.  Since the masses did not understand complex issues, presenting balanced arguments would only shake their confidence in the rightness of a cause.”
  • “A speaker, Hitler thought, should stand before an audience with the fervor of an evangelist preaching a religious faith.”
  • “Just as a religion or a church can never stop preaching and explaining the faith in a thousand ways from the pulpit, no more can National Socialism surrender the direct and powerful effect of the speech, which ever and against strengthens the faith of the movement and provides new power for the never-ending struggle.”
  • “To maintain power required unceasing efforts to persuade Germans that National Socialism deserved their unconditional allegiance.”
  • “Germans did not support Hitler because they expected him to lead them into a ruinous war, but rather because he and his party drew upon deeply rooted values and beliefs.”
  • “…Nazism presented itself not as a political party, but as a movement that encompassed everything Germans held to be true and just.”
  • “What propaganda avoids saying is at least as important as what it does say.  The Nazis realized that blatant lying often fails, and that people accept some things in general that they reject if they know the details.”

The number of speeches Obama has given since taking office roughly equals the number of days he has been in office.

On The Public Dime

The editors and columnists at Investor’s Business Daily [Investors.com] regularly provide sound analysis of the Obama administration, however, they may be missing the real nature of Obama.

He’s not just campaigning.  He’s relentlessly propagandizing a dangerous mythology with himself at the center.

The Beasts of Buchenwald by Flint Whitlock

  • “The persecutions did not come all at once; they gradually grew more onerous once the Nazis saw that the open harassment of Jews and the imposition of unreasonable restrictions on them were not being objected to by the great bulk of non-Jewish German society. There was, of course, no way for the Jews to know if the Nazi’s threats were substantive or merely idle. There was no way for the Jews of Germany (and, later, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc., too) to realize that concentration camps, death camps, gas chambers, mass graves, and ovens were in their future.”
  • “By the time they comprehended the enormity of the danger, it was too late.”

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