We took a hotel car out north of Xiamen today to the next district to visit a potential manufacturer.  On the way to and fro we passed miles and miles of subsistence living, without amenities, comfort, or even glassed in windows to keep out the winter cold.  Farm plots in this area are small and intensely cultivated with many hand tied bamboo support structures.  The land appears rich and the people incredibly industrious, and everyone seems happy despite an absence of opulence and wealth.  I didn’t shoot any pictures of the poor blocks and dwellings today.  With so many working so hard to scratch out a living with only labor and very little capital, it didn’t seem fair to expose them to too much scrutiny.  Maybe some day in the future.

The pics below are in the city, quite a different scene there.



On the waterway between Gulang Yu and the city of Xiamen you can see lots of tour boats.  Naturally you would expect some of them might offer dinner cruises since many look about the right size for that sort of thing.  So we asked the concierge at the hotel if he could recommend a dinner cruise.  This became a discussion among 4 or 5 concierge staff and us trying to explain what a dinner cruise was to them.  The up shot of it was that if we wanted dinner on a boat, they recommended we should “take dinner” with us.

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