more Islamic injustice

So, what is it that the Nation of Islam followers see in Islam anyway?

‘Al-Ghazali puts these words into the mouth of God: “These to bliss, and I care not; and these to the Fire, and I care not.” As disturbing as this expression of divine indifference may seem, it is clearly based on a supporting Hadith: “Abu Darda’ reported that the Holy Prophet said: Allah created Adam when He created him. Then He stroke his right shoulder and took out a white race as if they were seeds, and He stroke his left shoulder and took out a black race as if they were charcoals. Then He said to those who were on his right shoulder: Towards paradise and I don’t care. He said to those who were on his left shoulder: Towards Hell and I don’t care.”‘

Robert R. Reilly, THE CLOSING OF THE MUSLIM MIND, 2010, p 80.

Metaphysical justice would not appear to be part of the deal.

Awas v. OK Board of Elections

Awad vs. Oklahoma State Board of Elections

Islam is a religion, a political system, and a legal system.  These three Muslim domains are intertwined and inseparable.

Plaintiffs repeatedly argue that Muslims require a Sharia legal system in order to practice their religion.  American law cannot incorporate a Sharia legal system into its jurisprudence since doing so would also incorporate Islamic political and religious tenants into its constitutional common law.  This would plainly violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

Therefore this claim pleads for an unconstitutional remedy on its face and should be denied.

Mont Pelerin Society 2010 papers

Mont Peleron Society 2010 General Meeting banner

Ideas of the Enlightenment: Their Contemporary Relevance

The French Enlightenment & its Implications for Liberty – Professor Alan Charles Kors

Jurisprudential Legacy of the Enlightenment – Professor Suri Ratnapala

Lessons from the Scottish Enlightenment – Professor James R Otteson

Towards a New Enlightenment: Understanding Human Nature

After Freud: What do neuroscience advances tell us about human nature? – Provessor Peter Whybrow

Building Political Structures with the Crooked Timber of Humanity – Professor Denis Dutton

The Modular Account of Open and Closed Societies – Dr Laurence Fiddick

Reconciling The Traditional with the Modern in a Liberal Society

Reconciling Modernity with Tradition in a Liberal Society – Professor Chandran Kukathas

Reconciling the Traditional with the Modern – Dr Lindsey Te Ata o Tu MacDonald

Externalities: Beyond Coase, Williamson and Ostrom

The Problem of Social Cost: What Problem – Professor Harold Demsetz

Coase Rules OK – Professor Jeff Bennett

If Hayek and Coase were Environmentalists – Professor Terry Anderson

GFC: What have we learnt from the 2008-09 event? A Stocktake

Been There Done That – Professor Peter Boettke

After the Fall – Professor Deepak Lal

The Global Financial Crisis and the Efficient Market Hypothesis – Professor Ray Ball

Australia – A Generation of Economic Reform

A Generation of Reform – Professor Wolfgang Kasper

A Generation of Reform – Paul Kelly

New Threats to Liberty and the Private Sphere – Nannies and Busybodies,Tax Harmonisation and the Surveillance State

Surveillance State – John Kampfner

Tax Harmonisation: A Threat to Liberty – Professor Sinclair Davidson

Nannies and Busy Bodies – Dr Eric Crampton

New Developments in Economics: A Sceptical View

The Use of Happiness in Society – Dr Jason Potts

The Economist as Guru – Professor Geoffrey Brennan

Behavioral Economics, Law, and Liberty: The Never-ending Quest for the Third Way – Judge Douglas Ginsburg

Science, Scepticism and the Future 

Constructive Dissent – Professor Steven Schwartz

What Does Climategate Say About Science? – Professor Terence Kealey

Freedom vs Authority – What Path to Development? The Story of India and China

Paths Towards Development – Dr John Lee

The New World Order: Importance of China and India – Surjit S Bhalla

Washington Concensus – Professor Xiannon Xu

History, Culture and the Language of Liberty

The Language of Liberty – Professor James Allan

Individualism and its Contemporary Fate – Professor Kenneth Minogue

Calvin Coolidge and the Language of LIberalism – Amity Shlaes

no heroes in Colorado

Dan Maes thinks he saved the Republican Party in Colorado from minor party status and future obscurity and that he is a hero.  He probably also thinks that his heroism was aided by divine intervention.

Colorado Tea Party people who supported Dan Maes think they saved the Republican Party too.  They bought the myth fed to them during last Spring’s precinct caucuses that they represented the people of Colorado, and all the higher ideals of our constitutional representative system of government were invested in them.  Trouble is, the people of Colorado never give their consent to be represented by the caucus system or those individuals who just show up one night in April to take charge of the caucus system.  So, armed with a myth, Maes-supporting Tea Partyers soldiered on and now feel like heroes too.

Republican Party leaders appeared to sit the whole thing out.  They watched from the sidelines while Maes and Buck worked the idealistic Tea Party types to their own advantage.  All they could muster was a hope that the Tea Party wouldn’t fragment the Republican party.  So, obsessed with their own political survival, they neglected to defend Jane Norton, or Josh Penry, and they left Tom Tancredo adrift–the only ones who really did embody Tea Party ideals.

They kept the Tea Party under the Republican umbrella all right, but threw out any candidate who actually walked the Tea Party walk.  That left them with remainders who could be manipulated–the 11% who bought them a narrow dodge of minor party status in Colorado in an historic Republican wave that washed over the entire country.  How they managed to avoid queering the Colorado statehouse turnover is kind of a mystery.

On the issues we had key government-limiting tax and debt measures to win, the death cult of abortion to defeat, immunity from Obamacare to enact, and the Republicans stood by and watched it all go down.

They really earned minor party status in my book.   There are no heroes in this election in Colorado.

German-American Partnership Program

German-American Partnership Program – Elbert County host families needed!

The Elizabeth High School Foreign Language Department is seeking Elbert County host families for German exchange students who will be visiting for 3 weeks in April 2011.  The students will attend school while here, and will have the opportunity to participate in the host families’ daily lives.  There will also be planned activities involving all the students and their host families.  This is a great opportunity to share the hospitality of our beautiful county, to develop life-long friendships, and to learn more about other cultures.

For more information please contact Elyse Coberly at (303) 646-4616, ext. 8024 or

healthcare pricing bias

As the author says, “It’s worse than that.” The “bias to always raise prices” on the part of Medicare price fixers, is shared by manufacturers, suppliers, providers, insurers, and legislators who all have interests in putting more money into the system. The beneficiaries’ interests, the ones who ought to be providing demand input to the health care market to control pricing and supply allocation with their health care consumption free choices, are effectively muted. (click panels below to enlarge)
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