Blue Book w/out govt bias

“Anyone who accuses the legislative council staff
[who wrote the Blue Book] of bias,
will be ejected from this hearing.”
-Chairman Terrance Carroll opening the only public hearing

With Colorado’s Blue Book Alternative you can avoid our government’s conflict of interest and bureaucratic bias, and get information about ballot initiatives straight from the proponents.

Proposition 101 (Cut car, income, phone taxes)

Amendment 60 (Limit Property Tax)

Amendment 61 (Limit Colorado Debt)

all litmus tests are not created equal


Call For The Immediate Resignation of All Republican Officials Openly Supporting 3rd Party ACP Candidate Tancredo
by Cindy Lyons on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 7:54pm

I am calling for the immediate resignation of ALL Republican elected officials and party people who are caught openly defying state GOP party by-laws. It is shameful for a liberal reporter to expose so well what was lying under neath all along. When a Republican supports a party not their own they are called RINO: Republican In Name Only under the truest of circumstances. I call for all GOP Party Chairs to enforce this rule.

Cindy Lyons
9-12 member
Republican Conservative

It took a systemic failure of the Republican caucus system for a public call to go out to purge the party of its RINO’s.  But RINO’s have been comfortably ensconced in Republican Central Committees for years.  Why must they suddenly be purged?

Because Maes zealots need someone to blame for the failure of the caucus system that they perpetrated.  They abused the caucus apparatus, they screwed it up royally, and now they have bogeyman in the form of Tancredo supporters to blame.

The caucus system was never a good solution; it’s thoroughly corrupt and has been for a long time.  But Republicans have an opportunity to really fix something if they have the courage that their professed patriotism and allegiance to conservatism implies.

Expelling RINO’s, even if they could do it which they can’t, will only further cement the caucus problem in place.  So, do Republicans have the courage of introspection to analyze themselves and the conduct of their caucus process?  Can they admit that the caucus system is the product of a small minority of self-appointed apparatchiks who convince themselves over time that they are representatives of the people at large, and that this bunch blew it big time?

This would be a great opportunity for Republicans to man up, take responsibility for their mistakes, and fix this broken corrupt caucus process.

The tenor of the Elbert County Tea Party however, full of self-righteous indignation, seems to be running away from these real growth opportunities as fast as they can.  Electing the leftist opposition will be their legacy, they’ll never admit it, and they’ll go on nursing their coffee clatch political club for the rest of their days.

clock is ticking

Tom Peterson's Republican Breakfast Announcement

Time is almost up to do the right thing Mr. Peterson.

The right thing would be to stop promoting the grifter for governor and get behind the man with real answers, real experience, real leadership and real command of the office he seeks.

And doing the right thing for the greater good would be to support tax limiting proposals instead of big public money interests.

When Republicans align with the NEA, the Colorado Progressive Coalition, the Democratic Governors Association, and the SEIU, it’s time to say goodbye to the Republicans.