honeymoon over?

Did Mr. Hill forget the recall phase of Elbert County commissioner terms and jump straight into the next election cycle’s rhetoric?

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John Hill, West Elbert County Sun, 4/2/09
The last time the BOCC called for a performance of specific language from the Planning Commission, they got zilch, nada, bupkes.  What makes Mr. Hill think that this new BOCC can order the Planning Commission to reinstate adjacency in the proposed master plan?  Things don’t work that way around here.  The BOCC are merely our elected representatives, but it’s the Planning Commission who wag the dog in this town, and they only react when hoards of no-growth moonbats camp out at their meetings.

And since we can’t afford paved roads while county revenues are growing, how could we afford them when revenue growth is flat?

And do we really want to federalize Elbert County?  Don’t we have enough political masters to worry about without also kowtowing to the 76,000 pages of federal regulations that accompany federal money?

And if you look at the recently enacted West Elbert County Transportation Master Plan, the proposed Housing Master Plan and the accompanying Subdivision Zoning Regulations, and how all these documents elevate the  Elbert County Open Lands, Parks and Trails Plan to a level above the tablets brought down from Mt. Sinai by Moses, isn’t it a little late in the game to lament the lack of local business and industry?  You can try to close the barn door now, but the cow is out and down the road.

And do we really want “smart growth” in Elbert County since it radically drives up housing costs and transportation costs wherever it is applied?

And do we really want Elbert County to develop additional sources of “county revenue” since that means higher taxes and fees levied upon citizens?

And do we really need additional regulatory enforcement in Elbert County?  Don’t you feel like you have enough regulatory control over your life yet?  Would you like more bureaucrats to hound you?

Is it possible that hiring a new county manager will make everyone “better, more efficient, more productive and more successful?” I suppose so.  With enough Kool Aide, anything is possible.

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